Wednesday, June 02, 2004

i just can't equal rob's eloquent post- it made me cry a little just reading it. speaking of crying, my tear ducts are about worn out with all of the weeping with joy that has been going on lately! even the littlest things can bring it about- and it's all so wonderful. i just wanted to let you all know that the wedding pictures are forthcoming- check back here within a week for more news, and a weblink!!! for now, i'm posting some pictures that were on my camera from the rehearsal and from the floral delivery- more photos in the online photo album!

can i just say that "my husband" doesn't come up nearly enough in conversation for my liking? :)

thank you thank you thank you.

we love you-
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kyrie and james at the rehearsal Posted by Hello

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The wedding is over, and we're finally phasing back into real life (whatever that is). But the notion of mundane, everyday existence as a married man is at least as exciting as the event for which we'd waited and worked and worried for so long.

Everything really is different now. The light falls differently on the earth; the tone and texture of life is radically altered. Richer, deeper, and ripe with meaning. There is the overwhelming feeling that time will reveal the value of everything it touches; that there is no bottom to life, nor any boundaries or limits. I feel as if I've joined the priesthood, or become an astronaut, or won the Nobel prize.

Yes, in many ways the manic energy of the last few months is dissipating, and we're all slowly coming down off the high wire of anticipation and adrenaline. But really, the adventure has just begun. Kyrie and I have stopped exclaiming to one another in wonder, "We're getting married!", and moved on to the much more mysterious and profound "We're married." It will take me the rest of my life to figure out what it is we have done, and what it means, and what has changed, and what has not, and what was there all along that is yet in the shadows, or around the next corner or over the next rise. I can't wait. I would recommend this to everyone if it wasn't such a serious undertaking.

If you were there on Saturday (and the hectic days before), you know that any words I use to encapsulate the beauty and joy of the wedding will slide off like rain. If you weren't, you'll just have to take my word for it, view the soon-to-be-posted photos (dozens of them), or just see it in our eyes.

Thank you all so much for coming, for supporting us and sending gifts, for your hard and selfless work, and for being part of our ever-expanding family and community. I love you.
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Monday, May 24, 2004

he really is cool, too. and what a babe! and i am well squoze. everything is coming together, and my sister will be here in just two short days! can't wait to see her- miss trisha, you been gone too long!
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Fuh-fuh-fuh-five days. That's practically tomorrow. There's hardly any time for squeazin'.

Well, there can ALways be time for squeazin'.

I can't believe the stuff I get to wear. I never thought I was so cool. You know, it's not just the princess that gets to go to the ball.

How did I get so lucky?

Sorry, off to squeaze.
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Friday, May 21, 2004

I always knew that a lot of work went into a wedding. I was thinking of it as a stage production: the collaboration of so many talented people toward a single goal. A show usually happened two or four or even ten times, but this is a single event on a single day, and as someone pointed out, "fifteen minutes, really, and it's over."

Given all this, I wanted to let you all know how proud and impressed and inspired I have been by all the work that everyone has put into this. Not to make this sound like an Oscar speech (particularly because I've only been the gaffer, really, so I shouldn't be at the podium at the first place), but I have been amazed by the amount of sweat, creativity and generosity that family and friends have given to this all-too-brief event. And I will let everyone know how much I appreciate it.

But I really want to talk about Kyrie. She has taken on an unbelievable amount of work to make the wedding as beautiful and--I'm having a hard time coming up with the right word--fine (an underused word these days, fine; it means that everything has been put together with the highest quality [another word that means more than it seems] imaginable. I admit to being a snob about aesthetics, and Kyrie's aesthetic sense and vision is sharp and clear and always spot on. In other words, she has really good taste, and she knows how to exercise it.

She's been working working very hard on all this, and I want to express how impressed and inspired I am by what she can do. I've been honored to mostly run errands and put things on top of other things.

So, you know, she's brilliant as well as cute.
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p.s. about the commenting- don't pay any attention to when they tell you to "login" or whatever, just click on "post anonymously" so you don't have to do all that. also, it says that "this blog does not support anonymous comments" or some such thing, which isn't true. so. comment to your little heart's content.
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well, now i'm really pleased with myself, because i've figured out how to post photos, too! now if i could only figure out a way to attach music... :) however, the best way to see ALL the new photos is still, of course, to go look at the online photo album itself- there are lots of new last minute pics to see!
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where we shall be wed- can't wait to see you there! Posted by Hello

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so i finally at this late date figured out how to add a commenting tag onto each post, so that all of you can actually comment! it's a bit lagging behind each post, because i can't figure out how to make it any closer, but it works just the same! click on the "comment" below, and you will be prompted to "post a comment." now we can hear from you, too!

so excited for the big day!

but i think that rob's a little nervous, don't you?
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Thursday, May 20, 2004

You probably think I'm nervous. Well, I'm not. What's there to be nervous about? Why do you think I should be nervous? Why do you keep asking me if I'm nervous? Should I be nervous? Why? Tell me. Tell me!

So you see, I'm fine. Everything's coming together. And we've put in an order for sun. Management informs us that it won't be a problem.

I can't wait to see y'all there.
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Monday, May 17, 2004

we went and got our marriage license today- it's good from may 20 until july 20, which gives us a pretty big window; but don't worry, we're still on for may 29th! i actually became a little nervous standing there in line- what if we don't have the right paperwork? what if they won't let us get married for some reason? what if i have to send away for the social security card that i lost, and that takes 4-6 weeks, and then we aren't legally married on may 29th? what if a dog runs into the court house right now and rabidly bites one of us? what if we get west nile and die on the day of the wedding before we can sign the marriage license? obviously, some of these fears were completely unfounded, like not having the right paperwork: it turns out you don't need anything but a picture i.d. to get married. it was the quickest and most painless official documentation either rob or i have ever had to do, actually. just some facts (which we could have made up- no one was checking, although the woman looked a little surprised that the state in which my father was born was not actually a state, but another country) and signatures and fifty bucks and we were done! speaking of facts, they asked rob what the "p" stood for (his middle name) and i realized too late that he could have said virtually anything and they would merely have asked him to spell it before typing it out. how about pumpernickel? passionate? paperwork? however, since we didn't know all of this information beforehand, we had no time to think up fun and interesting lies, so everything on our official wedding license is officially true.

i still think there oughta be a test. jeez.

just twelve more days! can't wait!

oh, by the way, i took pictures of the wedding licensing process...go look!
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Friday, May 14, 2004

two weeks! well, okay, two weeks and one day, but do i really have to count the day of? i mean, it's really just two weeks until the wedding, technically :) rob and i are off to get our wedding license next week- we will have to go out of town, though, since benton county still isn't issuing marriage licenses. we're both a little disappointed that blood tests aren't required anymore- now all you have to do is show up with the right paperwork and a little cash. it seems to be remarkably easy to get married, considering what a huge decision it is. it's more difficult to get a driver's license than a marriage license! doesn't it seem like there might be something odd about that? at any rate, we're both incredibly excited as the big day approaches- and we will be seeing you all soon!
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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

well, friends and family, we have been hard at work on some lovely cds for you to take home (aren't you excited?)- in fact, you can even glimpse the cover in our photo album, if you like!
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